small plates

Fennel and Orange Marinated Olives 4

Herbed Olive Oil with Housemade Focaccia 3


Artisan Cheese Plate 12                                                                

Queso de Oveja with fig-apple jam and toasted Italian bread


Soup  3/5     

curried sweet potato with basmati rice


Market Salad 5

fennel, grapes, gorgonzola, arugula and white balsamic vinaigrette


Bacon Wrapped Chorizo Stuffed Dates with Piquillo Pepper Sauce 8


marché favorites 

Croissant French Toast with Powdered Sugar and Maple Syrup 5/10  


Omelette 10

chicken sausage and pepper jack cheese 

Savory Crepes 10
quattro fromaggi with tomato basil sauce




Mushroom and Lentil Shepherd’s Pie 13

mashed root vegetables and green salad


Catalan Fish Stew 16

steelhead trout, shrimp, mussels, potatoes, tomatoes, fennel and grilled Italian bread


Breadcrumb Gnocchi 16

red cabbage, caramelized onions, goat cheese and butternut squash sauce

Coq au Vin 16

bacon, mushrooms, carrots, pearl onions, red wine over mashed potatoes


Pan Seared Steelhead Trout 18 

roasted root vegetables, Brussels sprouts and lemon-caper butter sauce


Braised Short Ribs 18

polenta, roasted carrots and red wine jus 





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