breads & pastries


The Bread Basket  4.5


Croissant with Jam   2 .5


Chocolate or Almond Croissant  2.75


House Made Brioche with Cinnamon  2.5      


Toast  1.5





Fruit Tartine 6

apples and brie with balsamic honey on sourdough raisin toast


Anson Mills Organic Oatmeal  6

with apple compote


PB&J Sandwich  4


House Made Granola with Vanilla Yogurt  6




Croque Madame  10

black forest ham, gruyere, béchamel and a fried egg


Croissant French Toast  10

maple syrup and powdered sugar

half order  5


Omelette 10

kale, chicken sausage and goat cheese


American Breakfast  9

 two eggs, applewood smoked bacon, roasted red potatoes


Crèpes 10

sweet: candied cranberry with pumpkin cream and almonds


savory: curried beef and chickpea with tzatziki and arugula


Steak and Egg in the Basket 10

with charred pepper steak sauce



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